And we’re back.

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written…

I’ll be honest, I’ve looked at this page on my bookmarks nearly every day. Occasionally I’ll even accidentally click on it, and immediately leave. Why – I’m not sure. I think as much as I want to write, I imagine there are more productive things I should be doing. Between teaching and my own masters program, I constantly feel like there is more to be done.

Perhaps my perspective is off, though. Maybe this will, in fact, be a productive outlet; a place for me to find gratitude in what I do each day and hone my story-telling skills. At the very least, no harm can come from this, right?

And so, a plan. I’ll write a blog post each week. On particularly wild weeks, maybe even two. I’ll make use of this site as I originally intended to, and maybe find some clarity in between.

Beginnings are rarely easy, here’s to giving it a go.

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